January 3

Netscaler Password Reset

Description: If you loose the password of your Netscaler VPX, not everthing is loosed. You could reset the password with the following steps…

Solution steps:

1. Connect to the Console of the Netscaler

2. Restart the Server and press: Ctrl+C drücken (after boot: “F1” waiting for a short moment)

3. In the command prompt enter following, to move to the single mode: “boot -s 4”. After that enter : “fsck -t usf /dev/da0s1a”

5. Now we must mount the Flash Rom: mount -t usf /dev/da0s1a /flash

6. In this folder we must change the configuration for the password reset. Please use the following command for this:

· Cd /flash/nsconfig

· Grep -v `set system user nsroot` ns.conf > newconfiguration.conf

· Mv ns.conf oldone.ns.conf

· Mv newconfiguration.conf ns.conf

Now you must restart the Netscaler and you could logon with the following credentials: nsroot and password: nsroot

Source: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX109006


June 27

Netscaler with Exchange 2016 OWA – Logoff Issue

Hello everybody,

Recently I was able to collect a new experience with the NetScaler (v. 11) and Exchange 2016 OWA.

Pre-Authentication at NetScaler enabled / OWA Exchange 2016

Problem Description:
A user successfully logs on to NetScaler (Pre-Auth) and will be automatically redirected to the OWA site, where the countless messages are displayed.
the user wants to log out now by logoff button in OWA, nothing happens. Only through a page refresh (F5) is again shown the NetScaler Logo site.

When you press the logoff button, a number of chunks is generated for the cancellation. These requests take the form of HTTP1.1 Protocol. (Focus on the version)

Through an analysis of Citrix, the problem could be solved.
In order for these chunks do not get in this version for NetScaler and lead to difficulties, a rewrite Policy on the NetScaler is created which changes the HTTP version of 1.1 to 1.0.
Here is the command for the configuration.

add rewrite action logoffIssue replace http.req.version “\” HTTP / 1.0 \ “”
add rewrite policy logoffIssue_pol true logoffIssue
bind rewrite global logoffIssue_pol 10 NEXT -type REQ_DEFAULT

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November 8

Local Apps with XenDesktop 7.6 / Receiver 4.3

Hello all,

Firstly some information about the environment:

Storefront: Version 2.6
XenDesktop 7.1
Session Host OS: Windows Server 2008 R2


We use the KEYWORDS: “prefer” to use some locally apps on the Server. It works fine with the Citrix Receiver 4.1, it starts the app local in the same session as the desktop session….We use the Selfservice Store of the Receiver and not the Startmenue…

If i update for a test the Citrix Receiver to for example 4.2.100 or newer, the “prefer” function doesn’t work any more. I tried it with the registry key “PreferTemplateDirectory”, but without success. (http://blogs.citrix.com/2015/01/06/shortcut-creation-for-locally-installed-apps-via-citrix-receiver/ )

But, if i remove the app in the receiver and re-add it back to the main window, it starts locally…sadly only till i logon new, after that it starts the app in a new session and not locally.


I opened a ticket on the Citrix Support. After some analyses and tests we created a log of all. A few days later i received the solution. They send me a private Hotfix (old service plugins files).
whith the private Hotfix, everything works now as before.