Netscaler Password Reset

Description: If you loose the password of your Netscaler VPX, not everthing is loosed. You could reset the password with the following steps…

Solution steps:

1. Connect to the Console of the Netscaler

2. Restart the Server and press: Ctrl+C drücken (after boot: “F1” waiting for a short moment)

3. In the command prompt enter following, to move to the single mode: “boot -s 4”. After that enter : “fsck -t usf /dev/da0s1a”

5. Now we must mount the Flash Rom: mount -t usf /dev/da0s1a /flash

6. In this folder we must change the configuration for the password reset. Please use the following command for this:

· Cd /flash/nsconfig

· Grep -v `set system user nsroot` ns.conf > newconfiguration.conf

· Mv ns.conf oldone.ns.conf

· Mv newconfiguration.conf ns.conf

Now you must restart the Netscaler and you could logon with the following credentials: nsroot and password: nsroot



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