Migration of XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.x – Startmenu duplicated folders

Problem Description
When migrating the apps from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.x, all applications have an entry in the “StartmenuFolder”.
This can be checked by the following Powershell command:

Asnp Citrix*

This unfortunately causes the folders to appear partially duplicated, because newly added applications do not receive this entry.

To solve this, the old entries must be emptied.
This is achieved with the following Powershell command:
Get-BrokerApplication | ForEach-Object {Set-BrokerApplication $_ -StartMenuFolder «»}

Do you have also such issues with the migration of XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.x?

– Use at your own risk –

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