Bose Soundtouch 30 vs. Sonos Play:3

Hello everybody,

I recently decided to set up a multiroom sound system in my office and maybe later in the bathroom or in the bedroom. Through a few analyzes of what is currently on the market, I found the following two devices, which I have found suitable for my purposes:

  • Bose Soundtouch
  • 30 Sonos Play 3

I may have to mention that I had both tested (not wanted), but returned one of the products. Find out more …

Bose Soundtouch 30
The Bose Soundtouch looks in my opinion very well and should according to the reports read also a very good sound offer. What I especially appreciated was that there were buttons for the settings of memory positions, e.g. Radio. So it does not always equal the cell phone when you want to listen to music, but can simply press the corresponding button on the device, which I consider very practical. It also has a display which displays certain information, e.g. Time, etc. Colors are certainly white and black. Other colors I have not discovered so far, but these are my opinion completely. (My favorite – white) At the electronics shop I had let me inquire why I should not buy the competing product – Sonos Play 3 -. It was especially pointed out that both are very good, but perhaps the sound at Bose Soundtouch is a better track. The system supports wireless and Bluetooth and comes with a remote control.
The price is about 350 CHF

Sonos Play:3

I have heard from many friends that Sonos is the measure of things when it comes to multiroom sound systems. I have to say that the appliances certainly look smart, but the price, which was very high, bothered me. If I compare it now with Bose, it is approximately in the same price segment. Play 3 is even cheaper than the BS 30. The design is great, there is the standard version white and black, but there is the possibility to buy covers with different colors. The quality is really good, this is noticeable to me at my test in the shop.
The price is about 300 CHF

My experiences
After a long time, I decided in the first place for the Bose system. I bought the device and installed it at home. The installation was really self-explanatory and simple. After Bose Soundtouch 30 was configured, I naturally had the same time tested the functions of the app and looked up, what there are all possibilities. Unfortunately, the big disillusionment came … Unfortunately, there were hardly any options, except for certain apps like. Spotify which could be connected. The sound was 1a, you really have to say top! However, this disturbed me: – No alarm function or sleep mode was present. This is, by the way, criticized in various forums … Why do I value it? If I later perhaps buy more boxes and one of them in the bedroom and there is no alarm function for the very low price, I find this defective. – Very few music services are supported So I decided to pack the device again and give back. Unfortunately, I had now no more music in the office .. so it does not take long and it came as it had to come … I bought the Sonos Play: 3 system. This should support more music services and provide a wake-up function based on the information in the network. After the configuration, which is also very simple, I have tested the functions and find it great. The app is really good and supports a variety of music streaming services .. (many I did not know at all :-)). The sound is super as well as with the Bose system super – but I have not heard a big difference, that one of the two devices now offers better sound. The only drawback, it has only one button and thus does not function, since wake up in the morning and simply times by button press music, but must take the mobile phone to hand.

Both systems are very good, but Sonos has scored with the very good app and the supported possibilities. If the alarm function and perhaps the app would be a better track, I would have chosen the Bose system.

What are your experiences?

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