Citrix Receiver 10 with Outlook 2016

Hello everybody,

Office 2016, XenApp 6.5, Citrix Receiver 4.10

Recently, I had the following phenomenon: When Oulook 2016 was opened by Citrix app and you wanted to create a calendar entry, to the small calendar window opens for the date selection, selected a date, this date was not taken over the intended field.
The whole thing could also be reproduced while creating tasks. Once this (see below) small calendar window was involved, this led to the scenario mentioned.

Some analyzes finally identified the Citrix Receiver 4.10 as the reason. Once an older version was used, the phenomenon no longer existed.
The same behavior could also be reproduced with an environment based on XenApp 7.1.

Solution: Use an older Citrix Receiver version

Do you know such a phenomenon?


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