About me

Hello visitor / visitor

I would just like to tell something about me… Roughly know who I am and why I have started this blog

Who I am?

I am Patrick and working since 16 years in the IT.
The whole has started with an IT Apprenticeship in an international company. After 4 years i could successully finish it.

After that, I completed a degree as a software developer HF after 3 years (Higher technical school). During this time I have worked full-time as a supporter / System Engineer to earn my living with it.

Unfortunately i had less fun to develop software than expected so, I stayed as systems engineering. My main field of activity is the Remote Access (Citrix / RDS), project management and server-based work (Active Directory / file server / print server, etc.).

Why this blog?

During the daily work i use a lot of blog entries, to solve a problem or to fill out a knowledge gap. So I have decided, i want to give something back. The Blog also serves for me as a knowledgebase where I can access for forgotten commands or configurations.

About what I’m looking?
If you find a post which you could use or else want some comment for a post

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